Over the years I keep coming across the perception that when you follow a healthy diet you are essentially giving up the enjoyment of food…


Not in my experience.

I am now more of a foodie than I was when I set out to make changes to my diet. Let me tell you just the first couple of reasons that come to mind as to why it has worked out this way:

  • Once you lift the veil of salt, sugar and added chemicals that clogs your palate, you can actually enjoy the food you are eating; as simple as that.
  • Once you get into a position where you are eating because it’s good for you, food is nutritious and enjoyable in more ways than you ever knew. This one is a bit more difficult to explain when you’re at the beginning of the journey, but stick with us, and you’ll see what I mean in due course.

Let me tell you, before we go on, that I don’t have any medical qualifications, and the contents discussed in this site are in no way medical or scientific claims. I write this to share what I have learnt in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. What works for me may not work for you or your friends. You will almost certainly disagree with some of the things that have worked so well for me, and that is just fine. Read on, take what’s useful, and just respect the rest as somebody else’s experience.

There are many different ideas of what is a healthy diet, and I don’t think anyone is in possession of the truth; I am certainly not in possession of the truth. So where do we begin to build our “healthy diet”? Firstly, there isn’t one – every body has its own set of quirks and individual needs, every person lives through different circumstances, and we each have different goals relating to what we want or need our bodies to do, and these change throughout our life.

Secondly, what’s worked for me is to make changes one step at a time. I started by making one change, and only adding the next change when the previous step is a habit incorporated in to my daily routine. This allowed me to see what was working, and also provided better chances of success. When you make big changes suddenly, you’re more likely to become overwhelmed and give up altogether.

If you are still here, how about we get started now? You can take a look through my recipes; see if anything takes your fancy. Or use the contact page if you have any comments.