Courgette soup

How’s this for uncomplicated healthy eating? My mum used to make this one as a starter for light suppers. It’s an easy way to up your veg intake, and the quark adds a bit of protein for good measure. You can make it as thick or watery as you like. Sometimes I make it watery, put it in a smoothie beaker and take it to the office to use as a stopgap to tide me over the long afternoon until dinner time.


2 medium courgettes
1 medium leek
2 tbsp quark
Salt & pepper to taste


Top and tail the courgette; cut into chunky slices. Remove the outer dead layers of the leek, top and tail it and cut it in chunky slices. Boil together with a pinch of salt, until they are soft.

Drain the cooking water into a pouring beaker. Put the cooked veg in the food processor with a small amount of cooking water and the quark. Process and check the texture. Add more cooking water and process again if you want it more watery, and so on until you get just the right texture.


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